Monday, July 28, 2008


I was thinking about a Mountain Bike Race. This is off road. The last one my son did was muddy from rain the day before. It was a 2 day event, road race one day and off road the next. He sounded like a little kid who's taken a mud bath. He had mud in his eyes, nose and mouth, but he had fun. I don't think he placed well that day, but there's always next year.

There's the triathalon event: swim, bike, run. I'm not sure what order they do them in. That might require 3 pairs of socks, or some creative design.

Can we knit the socks in any color this time, or do we have to stick to Olympic colors?

Sunday, July 27, 2008

creative sox

ok - the Long Jump is the Longest sox leg or foot

i think Gymnastics ought to be Cables -
a) men's

Water Sports are Blue

now... what's a creative category for LACE sox?

Olympic SOX 2008


will be posting more information shortly.

the plan is for us to knit sox together while we watch the 2008 Olympics.

there will be prizes for completed pairs of human sox - some from my own (dr laura) stash of knitting books and knitting magazines - and some from Crystal Palace Yarns. Prizes will be awarded by random number drawings to the contestants in each category.

Here are the contests so far:

1. Long Jump: the loooooooongest pair of sox legs or feet.

2. The colors for the flag of the country where you reside. If you are living in a different country, you can also enter for the country of your primary citizenship.

3. China themed sock - suggested by Bianca B of Holland (and more details will come)

4. Tibet's colors: red, white, blue, green, yellow

5. Cycling - more details to come but likely
a) men's
b) women's

6. Water sports - blue

7. Any category knit with Crystal Palace Yarn

8. Original new design for any category knit with Crystal Palace yarn

email me with your name if you wish to join in!

blessings, :L