Monday, September 8, 2008

monday 9/08/2008

Hi folks.
all the names and addies have been send to Crystal Palace Yarns, and so prizes will be going out
thank you for participating.

ps, check back soon, as i'll have info about our "carefree holiday (or not) KAL".

blessings, :L

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Medal Announcements: Category 10

#10 Charity Event - 3 or more prs baby socks to donate
participants: Jody, Julie, Kim

Gold Medal goes to Julie!!

Jody & Kim : Silver

Kim S

Medal Announcements: Categories 15 & 16

#15 Triathalon type events- sox with 2 or more patterns, like lace & cables
participants: Debi W , Pe MAZ

Gold Medal to Pe

Silver Medal to Maz

Bronze Medal to Debi W

#16 Happiness Event - sox in any color you fancy
Participants: Debi W, Maz, KnittingChic, Pe
Gold Medal to KnittingChic

Silver Medal, Maz

Bronze Medals: Debi W and Pe

Medal Announcements: Categories 7 and 17

#7 White Lace - Tennis, Basketball
Silver Medal to Pe - lovely!

participants: Pe

#17 Equestrian - lace
participants: Lorraine, Debi W, Pe
Gold Medal to Debi W
Silver Medal to Lorraine E [Gold medal in #2 and #11]

Silver Medal to Pe [Gold medal in #7]

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Medal Announcements: Category 6, Water Sports

#6 Water Sports - blue sox
Participants: Cathy, Debi W, Wildflower38, MAZ, Jody

Gold - MAZ, for sheer beauty
Silver - Debi W for Dara Torres socks
Bronze: Cathy & Jody
Special Award - Wildflower38
the honorary "Michael Phelps Award" for your nephew's 'never-ending socks'.


Debi W:
Debi also wins an "honorary mention" as psychic knitter, for naming and dedicating the socks before Dara won.

, These socks also medalled in #3 Crystal Palace yarn, using Maizy.

Wildflower38 Special "Michael Phelps" Bigfoot award


#5 Taekwondo/Judo - white sox (with colored "belts": could be cuff band +toe+heel in colors)
2 participants signed up, but socks did not qualify.

Special Peace Event

this category is dear to my heart.....

#11 Peace Event - sox in 2 or more Tibet Colors: Red, White, Blue, Green, Yellow
two special medals - knitting books medals from organizer
participants: Adrienne
& Lorraine Two Gold Medals!!

i have for your consideration - new scarf book

or new "icelandic knitting book"


Medal Announcements: Categories 3 & 4

#3 Sox in Any event with Crystal Palace yarn (special event)
Gold Medals to Cathy & Debi W ! Bronze medals to Debi W & Radka!

Cathy using Maizy sock yarn
design by KyleAnn Williams - free at CrystalPalaceYarns-free patterns
Gold Medal!
Debi W. Gold Medal!
design in "stained glass colorway" in panda soy (design by Laura A) available from Judy at
Maizy original design by Debi W! Bronze medal!!
This original design was awarded a Gold Medal in Category 2.

Radka's lovely socks in Panda wool are also Bronze Medal - and they
earned Silver in category 18 !!

#4 Marathon &/or LongJump: sox with longest leg or foot
Gold Medal to Barbara for the llllllllllllooooooooonnnnngest socks
Silver Medal to Wildflower38
Barbara M

These are size 14! so they are bigger
than they look and that's some very gorgeous knitting!