Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Medal Announcements: Category 6, Water Sports

#6 Water Sports - blue sox
Participants: Cathy, Debi W, Wildflower38, MAZ, Jody

Gold - MAZ, for sheer beauty
Silver - Debi W for Dara Torres socks
Bronze: Cathy & Jody
Special Award - Wildflower38
the honorary "Michael Phelps Award" for your nephew's 'never-ending socks'.


Debi W:
Debi also wins an "honorary mention" as psychic knitter, for naming and dedicating the socks before Dara won.

, These socks also medalled in #3 Crystal Palace yarn, using Maizy.

Wildflower38 Special "Michael Phelps" Bigfoot award


#5 Taekwondo/Judo - white sox (with colored "belts": could be cuff band +toe+heel in colors)
2 participants signed up, but socks did not qualify.

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