Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Medal Announcements: Categories 1 and 12

Category #1
Sox in Your declared Country's Colors:

Gold Medal to Jody Team USA & Bronze Medal to Kim S. Team Canada
Jody for Team US Gold Medal! Congrats!!

Kim S for Team Canada Bronze Medal
finished in correct colors

#12 China Event, China inspired motif
Gold Medal to Bianca Boonstra Team Holland
Panda Silk and Panda Wool by Crystal Palace yarns
new "Silk Road design" inspired by China
participants: Bianca Boonstra Gold Medal!

note: These are going up as a category is finalized and we have pics ready to make clear announcement.

blessings, :L

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maz said...

They are so cute! Hope that one day I too will have to do little socks.