Thursday, August 7, 2008

how many events

can one pair of socks qualify for?

say, i knit a sock in usa color stripes out of panda wool. would this qualify for 3 events?

1. team country colors
2. cycling - velidrome
3. knitting with cpy

or just one?

and yes, laura, team usa for me.

adrienne, trying to confuse the issues at the last possible moment


Cathy said...

I actually was wondering the same thing! There's so many events and so little time to knit. I wish I could knit faster. But it will be a lot of fun no matter what!!

drlaura said...

we know athletes can enter more than one event.
talked to referees and they think at least two!

so, for NOW, lets say same sox in two events...

:L, drlaura

adrienne said...

thanks, laura and referees. i get so distracted that i will be lucky to finish a pair so being able to enter it in two events is most excellent.

BarbaraME said...

Hi Laura - Adrienne and Debi have talked me into signing up but I'm *very* confused. Are there Cliff's Notes somewhere that tell me what I need to do?