Saturday, August 9, 2008

Olympic socks day 1

I started my Olympic knitting about 8:00 pm eastern US time, starting with the shadow knit vest I committed to on Ravelry. Further explanation on my blog.

The swatch for my sock has a number of patterns. I like to buy yarn locally, and the choices of Panda yarn were limited. This Panda Cotton which reminded me of Olympic colors. I'm calling the sock "The Road to the Olympics" because it is not straight, but has twists turns and bumps. The picture shows the swatch and the sock at dinner time tonight. The color difference is due to swatching in a different yarn. The color repeat is very similar and I was looking for a pattern that would work with the colors. Panda Cotton yardage is short and I have lots of the other yarn (Aussi sock wool in Spanish Fiesta color).

My sock is too wide! I need the stitch count to make the pattern fit. That version worked on 2.5 mm needles, has been frogged, and started again on 2.25 mm. I like my socks to have negative ease and these didn't. Also the yarn has elastic in it. The new toe seems to have the foot diameter I need.

These socks qualify for 2 events: #2 Crystal Palace yarn original design and #11 Tibet Colors (red, green, yellow and blue) along with purple.

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