Friday, August 8, 2008

Knitting during the Opening Ceremony

Beautiful to see, the Opening Ceremony for the Olympics, that started at 14.00 Central European Time. Now, four hours later, the flame is going to be lit, and I can show you the cuff of my first sock. Inspired by a bit of history of the Chinese - as they simbolized the Silk Route, I chose the colours for the baby socks: Panda Silk Nutmeg, and Panda Wool Limeade. The Silk Route however was the route from China to Rome, on which silk, herbs and spices were transported to the west. The colours in the sock symbolize in my opinion the silk, and the spices.

1 comment:

drlaura said...

nice idea Bianca!
how do you like using PS and PW together?
it looks lovely and they're great colors for the silk road theme