Thursday, August 7, 2008

open talk - once only - about Tibet and China

Local musician to make history at Olympics

"Chad Brahill, a graduate of Mt. Spokane High School, will make history when he plays in the first foreign band to play on Tianamen Square."


Hi folks,

this blog is about Sox and celebrating Olympians and our love of knitting. so i am slightly trepidatious about opening this topic - yet, i'd rather not just sweep it under the rug. er um, sometimes too blunt honesty is a part of my nature.

so, given that this is a quasi-contentious issue but we may want to talk, let's limit posts to comments on mine?

here in my own home, my dh is less interested in watching olympics b/c of China's human rights records:
thousands of farmers unable to farm so Peking/er Beijing can have water for olympics
forced labor to build the "bird's nest stadium";

and then Tibet.

We also know that we have to think twice before buying "made in China" (a lot of walmart stuff) - due to contaminated & bad drugs, poisoned petfood, lead in toys, and i wonder nervously about "wild caught salmon" from China & about the food inspection standards. as well.

and then Tibet.

However, that HH the Dalai Lama said that we should not dishonor the games, and should support the athletes, even as we oppose the "china cult".

i did petition our U.S. president to speak up for Tibet.

i have made a donation to the ICT, International Campaign for Tibet, and right now they have a donor willing to match $ up to $100K SaveTibet

***We have some great athletes worldwide for whom this is a special event. imagine if YOU could only knit once in 4 yrs ...

so. my heart is with Tibet... but i wish love and compassion and kindness and happiness for all.

off soapbox,
blessings, :L, drlaura

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