Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The OlympicSox Saga ends

Hi folks,
well that sure was fun, hmmm?
i have been a bit quiet here, between deadlines and sick cats and inability to watch more than
clips on tv. but what i saw and heard has been wonderful!

but now i want to do a wrap up.

bianca kindly made me a spreadsheet, but i'm finding it's missing some key info.

please, all of you participants, drop me an email
?? anyone know how to make that a live link? if i use it won't work

1. your name and email

2. your address for prizes

3. what # you entered and final pics if you need to -

i have prelim pics for Peggy, but no final... there are a couple of others with no finals.
any final socks are still eligible for consideration [not gold].



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