Thursday, August 7, 2008


Just two weeks ago, I completed a Francie sock in six days and am in the final stretch of the second sock after a week and two days. The question now remains, which event, pattern and yarn will I use?

DrLaura is putting this on, so I should use the Crystal Palace Panda Cotton I have (but wanted to save for a baby surprise jacket). I've been wanting to figure out Mr. Monkey socks, transforming the lace bits and filling in the holes with increases, and the prescribed yarn was going to be BMFA's Kawkaw colorway from this year's sock camp. A third choice would be something in a Scout's Swag color (who we just interviewed on YKNIT, a knitting podcast -- genetically speaking).

Decisions, decisions, decisions. Time to check my queued patterns on Ravelry and look at some books. Opening Ceremonies is less than 24 hours away, so I need to get my gear in gear. Good luck to everyone during the Games!

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drlaura said...

sounds great!
am putting you down temporarily for team USA, email me if you want to change... up to 2 countries allowed.