Monday, August 11, 2008

i've started

... a pair of "margaritaville" in red heart's new sock yarn "heart and sole" (isn't that totally punny?!)

i am knitting them on two separate circs because 2 socks on one pair drive me nuts.

entering events:
  • #8- cycling- velodrome -stripes
  • #11- peace -tibetian flag colors -figure this is a modified version of the colors...magenta (red), white, blue, teal (green), and lime green (yellow)
yarn drove me crazy when i tried to match the colors. finally realized that one skein was wound in the opposite direction, hence one ball in original skein and one ball rewound. doncah hate stuff like that?!

enjoying everyone's entries.


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Cathy said...

very pretty! And I agree with you, it's fun reading everyone's postings for this event.